Wednesday, September 8, 2010

rooibos reverie

every morning, i wake up between 5:30-6:30am.

i half-assedly make my bed, and put something warm on.

i gently wake my computer from it's own peaceful slumber; he has a long day ahead of him.

i boil and brew an average-sized cup of rooibos tea, and salvage one teaspoon of raw honey from its hermetic home.

i savor each sip of adequately-steeped tea, and inbetween sips, i lazily lick the spoonful of honey, which is thick and creamy, like peanut butter (not that regular processed shit that runs like syrup).

every morning, i complete this ritual, thinking of whatever thoughts i think, dreaming whatever daydreams i dream, until the cup and spoon are empty.

and then i begin my day.


for the record, if you have not yet been introduced to rooibos tea, let me describe it. if you think tea is for faggots, then you can just kindly fuck off.
rooibos (pronounced ROY-BUS) is Afrikaans for redbush, which is what the tea is made from. Durr. it comes from South Africa, home of vuvuzelas and gravestone of white power.

it apparently contains many anti-oxidants and whatnot healthy shit blah blah that is generally good for you, like green tea. but, unlike green tea, it is red, and has no caffeine, so it is a cup of win, day OR night.

it tastes "earthy and vanilla-ish." it is adequately sweet on it's own, i just mack on the honey because i feeeel like it. however, beware of different tea brands. most commercial brands taste like bland, watered-down piss (like a natty ice tea). that means you, tazo. look for NUMI brand, it's just fucking the best.

shit's cash.




  2. Hm, do you think you can post some pretty uncommon teas that you might suggest for insomnia?

  3. I take regualr tea with a milk!

  4. it starts like my mornings until you start drinking tea..
    i have a good old fashion joint (hand rolled cig)

  5. creampuff, besides the obvious like chamomile and mint, try some rooibos or honeybush, or some other fruity tea, like lemon or orange. also, ginger-infuzed is pretty dope (a la green tea w/ ginger). obviously, make sure it's DECAF!!!

    voley, you should try regular tea with CONDENSED milk... even better.

    glen live, i totally feel you, but i can't start every morning with a cig. what's your poison? i smoke 27s, lucky unfiltered, and drum or bali shag rollies.